What have you Got to Lose? 


We often say, that we want to experience new things in life, but in actuality we are fearful or lack the drive to pursue it. So this year, you must challenge yourself to Say Yes. Yes to new experiences, offers, jobs, love, travel, health or whatever else that may come your way.

Very often, people get stuck in a rut and live their lives each year doing the same thing, getting caught in a cycle of life. If you don’t change your routine sometimes, you would find that you may not feel as fulfilled, this may even be the reason why you feel “down” or have low energy at times.

How do I start?

You first have to determine that this is what you will do. Then you have to assess the various aspects of your life and see what areas, you would like to add some excitement or grow in. For example you may want to simply go out more; this may mean a staycation or weekends exploring your country or travelling abroad. You may want to conqueror a personal fear, get more business leads or finally do something you have always wanted to do. Well this is the year to Say Yes and to Just Do It.


The moment you decide to say yes, you would find that,  opportunities will most certainly come your way, to challenge that declaration. I have done so and trust me the offers came rolling in. Do you know what my reaction was? Hesitation, then I thought, can I do this, what have I to lose.  The opportunities that came my way, were in the areas of my life I wanted to develop, but my first response was fear. Therefore in this quest, you have to push past the fear and do it anyway. Coach yourself, what have you got to lose…

Prepare Yourself

As you pursue your year of yes, you will most likely need help. So enlist a friend or family who will embark on the challenge with you or read books to gain more confidence. In my quest I discovered the book called a Year of Yes I got it and started reading to help push me toward my goal. The book JUMP by Steve Harvey is also a good motivator.

So here I am in January 2018. I am open to new things and in a sense trying to be “light” about it, so I won’t be stressed but enjoy the experience.  It is proving to be interesting. As I reflect on a scripture verse in Isaiah 54: 2 “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes” this word resonates in my spirit and is a confirmation as well. In order to get more in life, we must open ourselves and make room for the new things to come in and then buckle down for the ride.

Making Room 

The notion of opening yourself to make room, means that you must remove the clutter and really decide what you want. Sometimes we have too much stuff! I recently moved homes and I had to give away things, the hardest thing for me was giving away some of the books I accumulated over the years; I love books you may know by now, and it was very hard to let go of them, but to move on and make room for more I had to give it up!

Will this be the year you get those things you always wanted? What is stopping you, what are the things you have to give up and what is the mindset you must adopt to get what you want or desire? It is really up to you and always will be.


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