The Rebirth In Covid-19

  Living with the pandemic COVID-19 has become an exercise in discovery, everyone is having a different experience and I daresay an evolving experience. The lockdown started for me in March and depending on the country in which you live before that,  consequently the reopening will also vary. Depending on your work situation, albeit essential or non-essential this too would impact how you have been … Continue reading The Rebirth In Covid-19

Stay Home & Be Prepared

The Coronavirus Lockdown continues, as we try to adjust to life at home. For homemakers and introverts this can be a breeze it would seem, if perhaps they were “home alone” however EVERYONE is at home; parents, kids, husbands, wives, partners etc. The only persons working are the “essential workers” so being home is indeed a challenge, especially if your personal relationships are somewhat strained. … Continue reading Stay Home & Be Prepared

Device Detox

So much of life now has become a competition and even if you don’t think you are competing, maybe you are unconsciously doing so, with the extensive amount of screen time and scrolling you do on that device that’s always in your face…day and night. It is a fact, that whatever you focus on and give your time to you will eventually become, therefore you … Continue reading Device Detox

Women, Business and Technology

In this age of globalization and technology professional women need to stay connected. It seems that women are born multi-taskers, as we seek to manage our lives and juggle home, careers, jobs and families. Technology then becomes our assistant as it enables us to be plugged in and to stay abreast of what is happening in the competitive world of work. With the proliferation of … Continue reading Women, Business and Technology

It’s Carnival in Sweet T&T

It’s Carnival time in Trinidad & Tobago (T&T), “the land of steelband oil and music” according to Calyposonian David Rudder the country is buzzing with excitement and our creative expression is at its peak.  During Carnival, the people of this great nation come alive from the “laissez-faire” posture which often describes a “Trinbagonian” a Trinidadian and Tobagonian.  We are full of life, fueled by the “vibes” … Continue reading It’s Carnival in Sweet T&T